Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl or Super Hype?

As we draw closer to the next Super Bowl contest, I can't help but think that we are missing the point of the whole thing....It seems as if every television or print news crew has made a week-long extravaganza of the whole process, where it takes away from the spirit of what was intended when the game was created long, long ago.  To me it should be the culmination of a long season where two of the best of the best will meet to determine who has bragging rights next year...on the contrary it is more and more like a circus and less and less like a football game.
It's true that more people that don't normally watch the sport turn out to make a social event, and it's a prime opportunity for advertisers to reach this audience, but when networks have created an ever-increasing spiral of cost for commercial time, some advertisers have opted out.  So, as a result some are not being reached...I fear the pendulum may swing the other direction when the american viewing public grows tired of the obsession.  What about me? i may be tired of the hype, but there still may be some decent commercials wedged in between occasional breaks for football!