Saturday, February 20, 2010

Desert Island Playlist

I've always wanted to put together a list of "must have" songs and why they are important to the way they have impacted popular music, or more specifically my way of listening to music.  The original idea stems from a popular BBC radio show that first aired in 1942 that would feature popular personalities of the time...stars or even political figures and they would be asked to come up with a list of 8 pieces of music that they would take with them if they were to be stranded on a desert island.  They could also take a book (in addition to the bible or other book of religious significance) and a luxury.  The "castaway" would be asked about his or her choices and clips of each would be played.  The program still is broadcast today.  My idea is to create an ultimate "desert island playlist" in honor of our more digital times that include smart phones or mp3 players.  I hope to actually assemble list, as it will encompass what I feel is essential to music.  As always, I welcome coments about my choices and suggestions (I am not going to remember everything) for additions.
I think I will blog this at least once a week (perhaps 5 at a time) until we have reached the end, which in this case may never happen!