Monday, February 15, 2010

Exploring the Vault

Now that I've taken a chance to explore Wolfgang's Vault, I really can't say enough about just how extensive the collection of live music and rock memorabilia at one's fingertips....everything is available for streaming at no cost, and actually downloading some items is priced quite reasonably. The website is very user-friendly and for someone that grew up in the time of AOR radio, its like a time machine!  For example right at this moment I'm streaming an Elton John concert from 1970 at Fillmore West, and for any Elton John fan, this is before he was a household word, yet his sound is so raw and hungry, with a fresh feel yet before un encountered...Wow!  I urge the reader to visit and see personally that it is an awesome place to relive some memories both of concerts that you've attended and some live versions of stuff you have on vinyl or cd.  Hit this link and check it out!