Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Fever

More people have have watched the Vancouver edition of the winter Olympics than in recent Winter Olympic history....The reasons?  One is the unbelievably good coverage available to the average American viewer... along with constant updates that are a product of the information age: apps for smart phones keep everyone in the loop...even the president was quoted to say that he was getting regular updates on his blackberry!  Another prime reason is the sheer sportsmanship on the part of the athletes regardless of what country they call home.  
I find myself glued to the TV when it is time for the coverage to resume...and I'm not a huge sports fan!  The Olympic culture has introduced a whole new lexicon of terminology that some have never been exposed..."half pipes, Mc twists, and straight air"  Now is the time snowboarding (what I thought was glorified skateboarding) brings us household names like Shaun White and Torah Bright!  Some of the performances witnessed over the last week has transcended typical Olympics of the past.
Does it take a nation getting behind our Olympic effort? If so, lets continue in this vein, because judging by the medal count, we are seeing benefits of this effort. I am in favor of the government helping these athletes so they can focus on being the best in their pays off for the economy and it works to encourage more individuals that may not have been able to participate. Let's show our young people that representing the United States is a dream worth chasing!