Saturday, June 26, 2010

Whats in The Changer

Well it's official... We have an infestation of Beatles here at the Garage..Libby has decided to learn the entire (it seems like) Beatles song list...So consequently I am revisiting the music of the fab four and their various Post-Beatle  projects.  I must say the music is every bit as fresh as it was back in the day! It's hard to pinpoint my favorites, so I end up ripping every disc she collects to my hard drive.  Lennon-McCartney has proven to be another enduring song writing team to be placed in the archives with the likes of Rogers and Hammerstien, Comden and Green, Leiber and Stoller, Holland- Dozier- Holland and many others.  Anybody who has not recently given a listen to any Beatles music should make plans to revisit these tasty audio jewels...I'm not going to tell you which because everyone has a favorite.  Listen to those deep cuts that aren't in rotation on the'll see what I'm talking about.  You-Tube has wide array of videos of favorites...spend some time surfing!  Watch "Hard Day's Night" , "Help", and "Yellow Submarine"....bask in the genius.  Generations are hearing this all for the first time!  Let's use this as an opportunity to share and cherish this body of work!