Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Great Voices

Kudos to NPR for their year-long series 50 great voices! Anyone who even moderately appreciates music should check this out and continue to listen weekly for the next "voice".  The exercise started with a request for nominees to create a series of 50 great voices of all time...As expected, thus far each voice has crossed generation and culture to the heart of the series... the voice.
The first of the series was Iggy Pop, which already told me that this was going to be a non biased exploration of music.  Successive artists have spanned many cultures and genre with a common thread:  appreciation for the beauty of the voice.  What an education it has been thus far...the episodes I have missed I catch on the web site npr.org in the music tab under the heading 50 great voices.  A most recent instalment has been about Nat King Cole and the soothing quality of his voice.  Explore the website and there is a tab about the nominees, and I must say there is most always agreement with the choices!  I look forward to next week with anticipation..... Visit the website and listen to all of the installments thus far..You'll thank me later