Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lost Treasure

A recent trip to Half Price Books has once again netted a find for me: This disc came out in 2006 and it is by Sam Moore (known mostly from the Stax singing duo Sam & Dave) the name of the album is "Overnight Sensational".  The album is a group of duets with various friends of Sam's from the business.  Sam's voice still has remarkable range and power that has not aged since the Stax days...Stand out tracks are "Better to have and not need"; a duet with Bruce Springsteenthat rocks endlessly and really showcases the boss' blues chops. "None of us are free": a duet with Sting that has an anthem-like feel. Perhaps one of my favourites is "If I had no Loot" which has a positively infectious groove that makes you hit the repeat button.  Very touching tracks are "it's only make believe", a faithful cover of a Conway Twitty song that only Sam can interpret; and "you are so beautiful" a duet with the late great Billy Preston (who incidently passed during the recording of this effort and only appears on 2 tracks).  The liner notes are written primarliy by Joyce Moore, Sam's longtime wife...each track is introduced and how and why each guest musician ended up on that track.  All in all a very tasty effort and first solo album in 30 years for Sam...if you love old soul or R&B like I do, then find this and buy it or download it! you won't be sorry!